In addition to the running trails in the nearby hills that we utilise for Spartan training and Bootkamps we also offer a range of group fitness classes at our indoor training facilities. Instructor-led training sessions are extremely effective, safe and fun.


We will focus on training endurance, strength, flexibility as we

Burn calories,

Build muscle and

Fix our mind and body.


Muscular endurance is undoubtedly important for athletes that compete in races. It greatly improves their performance by delaying the onset of fatigue.


Endurance training is also beneficial to people in everyday lives as it increases stamina and makes daily repetitive activities less fatiguing.


It is also an effective way to burn hundreds of calories to maintain your body fat at optimum levels.

Train more effectively and maximise your gains by understanding your body's natural fluctuation of various hormones, response to light and other physiological factors regulated by circadian rhythm. ​


We suggest starting your morning with low-intensity cardio such as swimming, cycling or yoga. Without shocking your body into high alertness mode you will slowly ease into your days as your sleep hormone melatonin decreases and your stress hormone cortisol increases


During the day body temperature peaks creating the optimal conditions for athletic performance. We advise engaging in strength oriented or HIIT workouts at this time of day as this will trigger the 'fight or flight' response in your body regulated by the sympathetic nervous system.


As we approach the end of the day cortisol levels drop, blood pressure decreases and we reenter the 'rest and digest' state regulated by the parasympathetic nervous system. We recommend starting your evening with a relaxing Hatha Yoga session or meditation and finishing with a celebrating your day with friends and loved ones


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