Couples retreat with Lio and Cecile

The cliché “couples that sweat together, stay together” exists for a reason. It’s well known that having a gym buddy or a couples retreat can help keep you on the right track when it comes to fitness. But did you know that couples who exercise together often report feeling greater satisfaction within their relationship and more in love with their partner?

Consider working out as analogous to the conditions of the game of life. Working out with your partner creates a supportive environment and helps hold you accountable to goals and tasks that you’ve set out for yourself. Your partner can encourage you through particularly difficult and intense maneuvers and reps. The repeat practice of exercising together fosters faith and trust in your union. You know that the partner you have is someone you can count on. They’ll help you get through tough times, which translates more broadly to life’s challenges. So, you’re not spending every waking moment together. Rather, you’re investing in your relationship. You are constructively using your time together to become a better team.

Did you know that endorphins are released when you exercise? Endorphins in layman’s terms are often called the “feel-good” chemicals. Endorphins are primarily made in the hypothalamus and pituitary glands of the brain and reduce stress and pain. After prolonged vigorous physical activity people often experience a boost in mood and mental calmness, which is attributed to endorphins. This phenomenon happens during sex as well. So, who better to workout with? Exercising with your partner will put both of you in the right mood and frame of mind, enhancing your connection.

Cecile and Lio’s story is a case in point. They met in Paris twenty years ago. Cecile was working in the cinema industry and Lio was a financial trader. Exercise was already part of their individual lives, as they wanted to stay fit, and relieve the stress of their jobs.

After two decades, two kids and plenty of traveling around the world, experience has taught them that fitness and physical activity is not just a hobby. Rather, it’s the foundation to their physical and mental well-being. It’s also the key to nurturing a happy and harmonious relationship and family.

What Cecile and Lio discovered over the

years is that exercising together is a way to maintain a strong connection between themselves. When exercising with a loved one—sharing sweat, challenges, fears, support, laughs, goals and accomplishments—the release of endorphins during these activities creates unbreakable links!

Today, Lio goes to boxing whenever he has the chance to escape from his work, while Cecile is now a full-time yoga teacher. While Lio loves to stretch after his boxing sessions, Cecile enjoys the fitness part of boxing. It’s important for them to share their passions, to practice together and, at the same time, continue to build a shared personal world.

At Kapuhala Koh Samui Valentine’s day 5-day couples retreat of yoga and boxing, Cecile and Lio will share their experience and expertise with others. It’s an idyllic venue with incredible plant-based gourmet cuisine and a fitting occasion.

Connect with your partner and make meaningful and lasting memories!

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