Two-time adventure race world champions who only eat fruits - Jacky and Mimi Boisset

Pro adventure racers for 12 years, my lovely wife "Mimi" and I tried to improve our performance by starting to change our diet to a more plant based one. We had better results than we expected and also a really great feeling for our health, so we started to learned about diet, hygienist way of life, natural healing, eco living, permaculture gardening etc.

In fact when we started to change our diet, we also changed our way of thinking, then we changed our way of living and finally we want to help to heal the planet.

Racing and traveling in China, South America was a big eye-opener for us. The modern society teaches us some habits and thinking. Travelling shows us what we have learnt was not always true. We learnt that money gives us happy life but when we saw "poor happy people", it was a big question in our mind. So we started to question ourselves about what was essential for us to be happy.

After being robbed, we were nearly bankrupt and this very difficult moment pushed us to think about the essential in our life to be happy. We understood that being healthy with a sustainable house and permaculture garden gives us all we need to be happy. After it is only the way we see the positive things of our lives which give us the feeling of happiness.

Now we want to spread our knowledge about healthy living to give the opportunity to everybody to be happy. That's why we want to teach people how to eat healthier and then they will have a better life. When your inside is clean, your mind is clear, you feel better, you are more open to everybody. Because you feel better by eating a better food, you will need to protect the planet.

All is linked together, human and nature: we can be healthy and happy only if we eat good food with minerals and vitamins. The only way to have powerful fruits and vegetables is to have a healthy soil with lots of life, bacteria, worms, mushroom, and trees. Nature is well designed to be self sufficient, that's why permaculture is the way to grow a garden by imitating the nature. Also, to keep this ecosystem we have to protect the water, which is the main link between everything on the planet. So protecting the planet is the best way to have a happy life.

Our sport and results, social media, youtube channel are just some tools to promote how to be healthy and protect the planet. We are not perfect but we try to do our best everyday, we try to progress in sport, to change our diet, and to protect our nature.

See you soon on a race, conference, seminar, facebook, youtube to talk about life, training, diet, sustainability ... we are the actor of the change. Enjoy the moment, each day is a life!

Written by Jacky and Mimi Boisset - visit their website here

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