The huge impact of sports on work-life

The connection between physical activity and productivity has been known to humans since the dawn of civilisation. But never before has it been a subject of multiple scientific research and various social experiments. A great thing about this connection between human growth and civilisation is that some things never change. Healthy body - Healthy spirit might be old and overused, but it has never been more accurate than today.

The research in England has shown that sport and recreation have a large positive effect on raising morale, motivation, productivity, and better mood and atmosphere in the working environment. Results of research conducted through interviews (one-on-one) with 2000 men and women aged 18 to 70 showed:

Sports success (eg. if their team wins in a competition) has a positive impact on access and behaviour at work (63% of men and 52% of women);

Sports success improves mood and has a positive impact on productivity at work (47% of women and 40% of men);

Only 3% of respondents saw the sport's success as distraction and disruption to work and work environment.

Motivation is the key

According to one relevant survey of the well-known Wall Street Journal, satisfied employees are even twice as productive, feeling the need to stay longer at work even five times more often if the task is not completed.

One of the most popular ways in the world for motivating employees is the sport. Sport and recreation will not only improve interpersonal relationships and develop better communication but will create a fun way to create healthier and more successful people.

Effects, such as better health, improved moods, productivity and positive atmosphere within the company are just some of the benefits. Sport and recreational physical activity have proven to improve the company's business by large scales.

How does sport affect the job and the working environment?

Before anything else, it raises moral, improves general mood which as a consequence has great motivation and team building. The best way to break the monotony and raise mood in a company is team building. Not only will people go out of the office and change the environment, but they will all be delighted with the common day for fun and activity.

On daily basis, our body posture creates various adjustments to the muscles and skeleton as well as to other organ functions. This is only normal in the times when most of our work is done by sitting in a position which is not very friendly to any part of our body. These adjustments are the reason for serious health problems and, a decreased quality of life. In fact, these negative results are not immediate but they have very slow progress with quite bad consequences.

A typical example is the increasing number of people who have problems with their lower back and generally with their spine. Sedentary life weakens physical abilities and qualities, while at the same time, it reduces the general vitality.

Exercise eliminates anxiety, boosts creativity and clears the mind

Exercise is an activity that many are unable to fit into their daily schedule. However, it is important to mention that exercise increases productivity at work and ideally should be part of the daily routine of working people.

In particular, systematic exercise rejuvenates the mind. As a busy worker, you will surely have a lot in your mind. A "loaded" mind can certainly hinder the process of thinking. Everything seems difficult and tiring. Basically, just 30 minutes to perform some physical activity, things could be totally different. The exercise does not need to be intense, but it needs to boost the pulls rate. It goes without saying, along with the exercise, one has to follow a healthy diet to have the proper energy. Successful entrepreneurs often report that exercise is an essential component of success.

The mental and spiritual benefits of exercise are just as important as the physical. The clarity and energy of people training remain high, regardless of their workload. This is the final conclusion of the research published in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management.

Exercise, therefore, equals productivity, vitality, optimism and health. Now, in the workplace, exercise can no longer be considered a luxury, but a necessity! It is well-known that modern medicine recommends and encourages physical exercise. In many cases, patients are advised to increase physical activity as an effective means of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. After systematic experimental studies, it was observed that physical exercise (riding, running, swimming, mountaineering, skiing, cycling, etc.) leads you to a biological renaissance. In other words, exercise rejuvenates and reactivates.

New trends and suggestions

The reduction of illness, improvement of the bodily functions, reduction of work-related

accidents, minimisation of health care costs, treatment and rehabilitation, reduction of absenteeism are some directions for increasing productivity, improving creativity and quality that should be mindful for smart and insightful managers.

A lot of companies have realised the key role of physical exercise in the health of their workforce and thus in the profitability of the company. Profits come along from the gains of productivity, lowering the hospital expenses and insurance costs. An interesting fact about exercising is that it boosts creativity and can lead to ground-breaking ideas in any business.

Building strong bonds

Some companies have incorporated the exercise into their daily program. Alternatively, they often promote “break time activities" for their employee groups. This contributes a lot to the empowerment of the team due to group exercise and stress relief. During group activities, creativity can be increased, problems can be addressed and solved. Many corporate goals can be fulfilled when employees take part in group activities. These activities vary and can take different forms within or outside of the company.

By improving the relationship between employees, you will notice that people who otherwise would not communicate and work at work, sporting activities are excellent and work successfully in the team.


Good interpersonal relationships are essential to a company's business. Whether they work alone or in groups, people will feel better if they are in addition to the privileged individuals with whom they can share a private issue or business service request. In this way, the jobs themselves will be carried out faster and easier, and time may also come up with new ideas and ways of working that will improve the job performance.

Develop (define) roles and grade better teams

When a group of people has the same task, with the same beginner knowledge and experience, you will soon notice the natural tendencies and tendencies of individuals. Some people are born to imitate, some to analyse, while others prefer to do business or correct mistakes.

Team sports allow everyone to explore their skills and to show them in the best way to contribute to the team. The effort of the individual and the proper functioning of the group lead to awe-inspiring success. Also, the feeling that they need to belong to the team will encourage them to advocate more and even help their colleagues to successfully resolve the task.

With the help of sports activities like team sports tournaments, you will help people to show the best version of themselves, work in a team and share their strengths.

Enhanced creativity

During the exercise, people keep thinking about a problem that they have at work. At that moment, they can find a creative solution to the problem, as opposed to the workplace where the productivity is usually not high enough. Creative thinking can come in the most bizarre moments, such as during the bath or during intensive exercise. It is especially important to take advantage of this creativity enhancement by recording ideas and applying them as soon as returning to the office.

The effect of endorphins

Exercise releases endorphins which can give a lot of energy to the body. One feels better, has more stamina and can cope with all their everyday tasks. If there is a major business appointment, it would be more than advisable to perform some form of exercise prior to the meeting. This will definitely help professionals to get in touch with their skills.

Reduced stress

Exercise significantly reduces stress levels. If you travel frequently for business, you can still exercise and stay fit while you are travelling. There are hotel rooms specially designed for sports activities. Hiking is definitely a good way to work out, discover other cultures and relax before a professional appointment. Having a clear mind before the meeting will help you present yourself as a person with high self-esteem and clear thinking.

Improved health in general

Exercise significantly improves overall health condition. When you are healthy, you are more productive in the office. Even during seasonal changes, staying healthy with systematic exercise and good nutrition will greatly strengthen the body. In addition, weather can affect your productivity.

The experiment

Let’s see an example of General Motors' car industry. After implementing an exercise and health program for one year, 130 workplaces showed a significant reduction in accidents and illnesses and had a positive impact on employee performance. The company also estimated that its profitability from the investment was three times higher than the cost of the project.

Excellence on personal level

Each of us can start a small revolution in order to increase productivity. The great Greek philosopher Aristotle said: Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.

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