Kapuhala Sicily is twenty five hectare of pure beauty, in the middle of the Sicily's finest vineyards. 

From the reception on the top of our land, Kapuhala Sicily overlooks the entire "train-in farm" camp outlined by a full running track, dotted with obstacles commonly used in Spartan races. Sicily's famed fresh produce plays an important part in our guests' diet during their stay, sustainable fish, local and organic fruits and vegetables are available in any color imaginable and in abundance. Our half olympic-sized swimming pool is the athletes' favorite, guests can enjoy long swims under the Italian sun after long runs in the year long dry climate.  At night, together with the friendly Sicilians we sit under the stars, enjoy the breeze and a glass of homemade limoncello - by organic lemons grown on our land.

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Koh Samui. Sicily.

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