Beast Mode: You Have to be Relentless

If you’re a regular at Kapuhala you might have seen him last year setting up shop. In the back-patio space he was toiling away creating a spear throw target, building a wall climb and fashioning other obstacles. Maybe you crossed paths with him while waiting in the corridor for your Bodypump class to start. There’s also a good chance he’s run past you while walking on Discovery Bay Road. This November he competed in the Hong Kong Spartan Races and placed first in all three categories—Sprint, Super and Beast. The fitness phenom I’m talking about is Simon Passmore. He’s mild-mannered and I’ve never spoken with him other than exchanging a few pleasantries or in conversation about gym talk.

At Kapuhala We Aim to Be a Blue Zone. Do You Want to Know How?

We often hear the saying, “Age is just a number”. But is it really? Aging is inevitable. It is a natural biological process. Currently, even if one engages in aesthetic related surgeries, dietary supplements and other regimens, there is no absolute way to decelerate the process of aging. It happens to all of us. In spite of this, however, there is still room for control. In fact, research suggests only 25% of how long we live is determined by our genes, the other 75% is dictated by lifestyle choices. I recently considered the book, The Blue Zones by Dan Buettner. “Blue zones” according to Buettner are regions of the world where people live far longer than on average. These communities h

Changing the game before "the Game Changers"

The secret journey of an utopian family I didn’t know it back then, but life would be radically different. It would be a difference for the better. “I want to heal myself,” my husband said. Initially, Stefano and I just wanted to build something that gave us and our families a good lifestyle. We invested in a piece of land in Thailand and started building on it—fashioning it the way we would like our holiday destination to be. I still remember that humid morning in Koh Samui. Stefano came back after his workout and confessed that he hadn’t felt well in months. It was a tough period for all of us. He was trying to keep up with his demanding job and position as CEO of the accounting compan

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Koh Samui. Sicily.

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