Write your story to us and we will help you to become a Kapuhala Warrior. What is a Kapuhala Warrior?

To be a Kapuhala Warrior you will eat healthy, sleep plenty, meditate, challenge yourself with sport and goals. The Kapuhala Warrior manifesto could be downloaded here. We have limited staff and supporting abilities but we are launching the first Kapuhala Warrior transformation and living examples of people that want to overcome difficult moments and, through sport and healthy living, achieve some challanges. For the whole 2017 we will enroll one person per month, set a sport-goal (either a full marathon, a half-ironman or an ironman) and coach them pro-bono on anything needed to achieve this goal. 

We are a team of professionals in sport and nutrition and this is a first step for a natural redestribution of resources: mutual support through value sharing.

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Koh Samui. Sicily.

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