Who We Are

We want to be a global movement that enhances people's lives through fitness, nutrition, and social living. 

Supporting athletes and fitness enthusiasts by sharing the harvest of our farms, creating spaces to train body and mind, and helping communities in need. We enable and inspire our Warriors to change the world around them for the better by first helping them become the best version of themselves. 

Kapuhala Warriors are socially and environmentally responsible people, mindful of their actions and their effect on the world around them.

What We Do

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Kapuhala’s first Boutique Eco-Hotel with a fitness focus allows you to enjoy your time off without compromising your training. Stay with us and learn how circadian rhythm, plant-based nutrition, and social living can help you optimize your cognitive and physical performance. Tented Villas, a 25-meter infinity swimming pool, 100 sq.m. fitness and yoga studio, and an island-famous vegan restaurant all part of the unique life-enhancing experience that awaits you at Kapuhala Koh Samui.


We have created a line of organic products made with exceptional quality ingredients for you to enjoy as a healthy snack or an energy boost for your workout. We are constantly adding new items to our range making sure that you stay supplied with the highest quality foods.



Visit our food and merchandise website to see the full range of Kapuhala products.


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Athletic training is at the core of Kapuhala's concept. We see sport as a medium for not only self-improvement but also a way of bringing positive change to society. 

Our training philosophy consists of three key components:

 Burn - calories through cardiovascular training 

 Build - strength with resistance training

Fix - your body and mind with yoga